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Long Lake, NY.

Long Lake, NY.

Mexico City.

Mexico City.

Mexico City.

Mexico City.

Mexico City.

Miraflores. Lima, Perú.

Miraflores. Lima, Perú.

Miraflores. Lima, Perú.

The Mall. Central Park. New York, NY.

Bethesda Fountain. Central Park. New York, NY.

Bellas Artes. Mexico City, Mexico.

Rancho La Trinidad. Ocuilan, Mexico.

Amsterdam. Mexico City, Mexico.

Coney Island. New York.

Standard Hotel. New York, NY.

Clouds. Mexico City, MX

International Bar. New York, NY.

Delayed. New York, NY.

Upstate. New York.

Central Park. New York, NY.

Walk. Mexico City, MX.

‘Manhattan’. Mexico City, MX

Brothers. Mexico City, MX

Basurto. Mexico City, MX

Self portrait with Marilyn. Mexico City, MX

Coal Yard Bar. New York City, NY

Torre Mayor. Mexico City, MX



New York City/Mexico City.

FILMMAKER. An explorer of the umbilical cord between the audience and the imposed image.
A true believer of non passive audiences.




B.A. in Communications, Universidad Iberoamericana.
New York Film Academy, One Year Conservatory Program.


Founder and Executive Director of Kaleido Works (NY).
Head of Visual Communications & Media at VICTORIA DIGITAL (MX). Freelance work upon request.
Film Director, Digital Director & Creative, Writer & Editor.


Familiar and capable of operating Panasonic HD and DV cameras, Cannon EOS 5D Mark II & Mark III, Cannon EOS 7D, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro, Pro tools.

Reel and Resumé available upon request.

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